Welcome to the Kingdom of Diamond Throne, the richest Kingdom on the continent. With Metals sometimes right on the surface, they create some of the greatest weapons and armor, which has bought them a peace treaty from all the other kingdoms. With rising cult activity, it seems the Kingdom is now tearing apart itself from within. The Kingdom of Diamond Throne is actually a gathering of Kingdoms that fall under the mantle of the King of Diamond Throne.
The main story will mostly take place at the beginning in the city of Moon Hold during the Festival of the Moon, a gather of everyone from all over, marking the beginning of Harvest season. The population is of you standard array, with Humans, Elves, Half Elves, and Dwarves making up 80 percent of the population.
While there has always be threats of cults of Vecna and Asmodaus or Tiamat, and the occasional Church of Lulth, or Hoards of Grummsh lurking withing the Kingdom, a new cult has been raising with madding ideas, deranged actions, and frightful convictions. These members of the Crescent Society have been proving quite the problem.
The world of the fey wild, the land of Corellon, is split in 4 kingdoms, each under the rule of the seasonal monarchs, each promoting growth to a certain type of Eledrian. The Spring Woods encourage those that can Lead, The Summer Canipe demand you to Strike at your enemies or be devoured by the kingdom, the Autumn Fields those that can Control the battle prosper, and the Fen of Winters you must Defend your home.

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Clash of Gods

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