Clash of Gods

The Aliance

After meeting with the Council of the Exliarchy of Cogs, the Cogs agreed to help the surface world with their battle with the Moon Gods. The Group continues on their way, stpping by a few abadoned villages for supplys, and are attacked by some of the moon monsters.

Beneath the surface

As our heroes venture further into the caves, they discover a mechanical creature that was being attack by the strange lizard monsters that they have seen before. Protecting it by defeating the lizards, the mechanical creature tried to lead them to its city of mechanical people. Marc, distrusting of these new, strange begins, has decided to venture off further into the mines, along with Remi.
Kayah and Aggi make their way through the Mechanize city, in awe of the sight of everything, make a stop at a blacksmith to look at his wares, only to find he does custom works. Allowing him to take some measurements, for possible consignments, the ladies continue on to the make structure to speak with the leader of these exiled people. He told them of their history, and plans to help them with fixing the moon.
Meanwhile Marc and Remi discover gold in the cave systems. Mining much of it for their needs, they stumble across another gate way to the city. Trying to gain entry, the guardian feels that these “soft things” are not a problem and just connects back into the gates.

On the Road

Our heroes escort out many of the people of MoonHold and to the small village of Nozzlewell. Their they find that all of the towns clerics were gone. The people of MoonHold asked tthem to help on their travels to Diamond Throne, but the adventures had to turn them down, so the could travel faster to get to Diamond Throne to warn the king about the events that have transpired. After a day of travel, they needed to stop to feed their steeds, and asked of any recent events within the town. After being told of strange things upon finding a local silver vein, they went to investigate. What they found was a stange monster, not of this world.

The Break-in, The Discovery!

The Group made plans to infiltrate the Crescent Society’s headquarters. Once they, they discovered the house empty, with no sight of the Professor, they broke in to investigate further. Unnoticed, the Crescent Society arrives at the house a few hours later. Off guard, the group hides in the kitchen hoping to fool their quarry, and learns that the Professor was hidden up stairs. Sliding back into the shadows, Aggi stays with the Professor and Thaddus to help them escape. Keeping the Head of the society’s attention, Marc and Remi received scolding from the enforcer of the cult, only to discovered when Remi’s clock come off to reveal his crested gear of Erathis. They managed to escape and take the Professor back to the University, and learn that in order to protect the key from being found by the cult, hide it within himself. Once removed, the Professor was able to more clearly tell them what the plans of the Crescent Society were, to Bring to Moon down and and bring the gods of the void to this plane of existence. And that a Great device was the means to do so, the very tower in the center of MoonHold. With the key, as the only means to stop the Moon from crashing into the kingdom, our heroes charged in and defeated the Guardian Enforcer from the Society, The Silver Woodsman, and stopped the Moon from crashing into the world. But was it too late.

The Mission

Kayah, the Deva Wizard; Remi, a Cleric from the temple of Erathis; Mark, a swordmage Constable from the city of Moonhold; and Aggi, a mercenary; are assigned to find a Professor that was on a search for an ancient artifact. On searching the Professor’s room at an inn, they discovered that the room was being watched. After catching the person that was watching them, they were attacked by members of The Crescent Society. Once soundly defeated, they made a plan to infiltrate the headquarters.


Kayah, a Deva Wizard, take her final test at The Corellan University of Magic. with the help of others she passed her test.

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